honey suckle

honey suckle


About the cherry tree

We have a large cherry tree.  White flowers blossom in late of March.  It is supposed to be more than 40 years old, and has stopped to grow.  When we bought this land, we cut down some large evergreen trees but didn't cut the cherry, because it is deciduous and flowers so beautiful.  The cherry is Cerasus jamasakura, which is a representative wild cherry and its flowers and leaves bud at the same time.
The most popular cherry in Japan is Cerasus × yedoensis (Matsum.) A.V.Vassil. ‘Somei-yoshino’ that buds flowers first .  Huge number of Somei-yoshino trees, those are all clones, have been planted in parks, streets and private gardens all over Japan, and cherry flower is a symbol of Japanese spring.

June 2014

Cutting some evergreen trees in the garden (September 2003)

The left tree is Ilex integra with red fruits (March 2012)

Two wild cherry.  The right one in the neighbouer has light pink flowers.  (2012) 

Cherry blossums and a half moon (2012)
In September 2012, a typhoon attacked northern Kyushu Island.  Very strong wind blew for a long time and after the storm we found that a large branch of the tree had been broken.  We were very shocked for several days.

Branches and leaves were shaken violently by typhoon wind. 

After the storm, we found the broken branch.  
The cherry tree flowers in 2013 and 2014 as beautifully as it had done before.  Cherry blossum tells that spring has come and we enjoy it from the window, at the gazebo and from the potager.  At night we light it up, and enjoy it with some wine.

A view from the window (March 2014)

The cherry is lit at night (March 2014)  

A shower of blossoms (April 2014)


  1. I love cherry trees! I have planted a weeping cherry in my front garden where I can see it from the chair I usually sit on. It is my memory tree, the tree I planted to remind me of people whom I have loved but are no longer with us. That sounds sad but it isn’t. One look at those lovely flowers and I smile.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's a good story.
    I have many memories about plants, too.


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