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BARAKURA English Garden in Tateshina

Barakura English Garden in Nagano prefecture was introduced recently in the English Garden Magazine (August 2013).  It has been the first authentic English garden in Japan, which was opened in 1990.

I visited the garden at the first time in 2011, and I saw Mr. Glyn Jones; the head gardener of the Hidcote Monor Garden.  I asked him several questions such as how to decorate a brick wall with climbing roses.  His advice is very useful for me to make our garden after that.
In June of 2012 I visited the Hidcote Monor, however I couldn't see him unfortunately because of his absence.

The entrance of the garden covered by Rosa 'Kiftsgate'

The terrace with hanging baskets

The private walled garden which is usually closed for public. We participated in a garden tour guided by Mr. Yamada, the owner, and we had a chance to enter there.  A white wire bench is stunning!

Walking through the terrace and down to the center part of the garden, there are a herb garden, border gardens around the lawn, and a Laburnum tunnel.  

A blue bench beyond the blue border in the herb garden

A sundial is a good focal point here.  

Laburnum Tunnel (blossom was over)

The rose gazebo was covered with full-bloomed Rosa 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'

Alice in Wonderland Garden is full of vivid colors.

A small house with a big pink chair. 

A picture frame for taking a photograph in Wonderland

There are shops of plants, garden tools, ornaments, foods, and clothes designed by Kay Yamada, the brand name of which is BARAKURA (shortened form of Barairo no Kurashi; Rosy Life)

Lots of ornaments imported from UK

We attended a lecture by Mr. Yamada and the head gardener Andy.  

Mr. Yamada introduced us the autobiography of Peter Beales(22 July 1936 – 26 January 2013), who was one of the leading experts on roses, especially species and classic roses, preserving many old varieties.  I have taken an interest in his life, and bought one copy at the garden shop.  
During and after the trip, I have been reading the autobiography.  Today I reached to the chapter in which his proposal to her wife Joan was written.  

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  1. Both Peter Beales and David Austin are wonderful rose growers.
    How interesting to see an English garden in Japan!


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