honey suckle

honey suckle


Growing fruits

We have several kinds of fruit trees in the garden.  The fruits including crab apple, grape, blueberry, fig, persimmon, pomegranate and 'rose hip'.

Crab apples 'Arupus-Otome'

This grape vine 'Kyoho' is very popular in Japan.  The size of fruit is large and it tastes very sweet.

We have six rabit-eye blueberry trees.  Last year we harvested 16 kilogrammes from July to September.  My wife MARPLE made a lot of jam, and a tart.  We are looking forward to harvesting.  
Blueberries are growing. 
Blueberry tart and jam in August 2013

I found a ladybird on the rose hip.  
Rose hips of Japanese wild rose 'Rosa multiflora'


  1. That tart looks especially yummy!

  2. We had persimmons in France but I don't think they would grow here. So many lovely things in your garden!


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