honey suckle

honey suckle


Roses in June

Roses flowering now are shown along a path from the upper entrance of the main garden to the kitchen garden at the bottom.

A Shropshire Lad (David Austin):  The name is taken from A.E. Houseman’s cycle of poems about his home county, where David Austin rose gardens and nursery are situated. 
At the David Austin Rose Gardens at Albrighton, I bought this hardcover book published in 2009. I like this book because there are many beautiful pictures of Shropshire.  The poems are unfortunately too difficult for me to read without monographs in Japanese.  

Pierre De Ronsard

Mary Rose (David Austin) and 'MARPLE'

Scarborough Fair (David Austin):  This rose always flowers on every shoot except in Winter.  It's amazing!  

Sky Lark (David Austin)

 La Parisienne (Delbard) and a scarecrow 'POIROT'
Cocktail (Meilland)

This plastic garden sheds ('Summit' by Keter) is my favorite. Its design is good and it is easy to set up and care for.  Although wooden sheds look the best and metal sheds are the most durable, I had chosen this.

Now we use this mainly for storage of tools for gardening and carpentry.  

A DIY home center in my town sells this shed as 'a hideaway for men'. :-)


  1. Dear Poirot
    Beautiful roses and a lovely blue hydrangea in the first photo. It is a good year for roses so far.
    Best wishes and Happy gardening!

    1. Hydrangea is more beautiful on rainy days. We are in the rainy season in Japan, and It is raining today all over Japan.


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