honey suckle

honey suckle



This morning we harvested blueberries.  We expect a total harvest of more than 12 kg this summer.
It is extremely hot and humid during the blueberry season,  and harvesting is very tough.

Rabbit eye blueberry

550g of blueberries, this morning

I found a broken branch, and footprints of an animal.  Every summer badgers come to our blueberry garden, and break branches and eat blueberries.

The broken branch of blueberry

The badger came to blueberry trees (August 2011)

The badger walking the road to our garden. (May 2013)

I have set an electric fence system around the blueberry trees.  This is very effective from my experience of these three years.

The electric fence is powered by batteries.  
Electric wires have been set around the blueberry trees.  

In addition to the electric fence, I have covered the blueberry trees with net to prevent fruits from eating damage by birds.

Before covering

After covering net

A front view of blueberry covered with net. 

Those are sufficient countermeasures against badgers and birds, I hope....


  1. 12 kg of blueberries! That is quite a harvest.

    1. We really thank bumblebees for their pollination of blueberries.


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