honey suckle

honey suckle



Light purple flowers of a chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus セイヨウニンジンボク) are beautiful at the border now.
A friend of my wife give us this tree in a pot two years ago, and we planted at the border.  It has grown to 2 meter high.  We love this light purple color very much.

Sometimes hawk moths come to the border and hover to suck nectar from flowers with a long and narrow calyx.  They flies so fast that it is not easy to take a picture of them.

Macroglossum pyrrhosticta  (ホシホウジャク) is sucking nectar while hovering


I remember the first photograph of a hawk moth that I took in 1978.  It was soon after I bought a SLR camera for the first time.  I was exited with the photo when I received a slide film developed at a DPE shop.

Cephonodes hylas (オオスカシバ) and Zinnia

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