honey suckle

honey suckle



Yesterday evening, a summer festival was held at the beach one mile from our cottage.
Fireworks started at 8 o'clock.  I hurried home and walked up to the top of the hill and saw the 60 minutes fireworks with my wife.

Sunset at 19:30

The sky is a little bit bright at 20:00

It looks like a kind of plants(?)

A very small Mt Fuji at right bottom.  

Double spheres of white and pink color. 

This looks like the Saturn.  

There were so many red hearts in the sky.  

A quite unique firework

The final fireworks at 20:55
Though it took three to four seconds for us to hear the sounds after looking the firework,  we really enjoy them.  It was boiling during daytime, but after sunset a gentle breeze was comfortable and the sky was so clear.

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  1. I LOVE fireworks. Some of those look like dandelion clocks.


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