honey suckle

honey suckle



Yesterday espalier apple trees have been pruned except one beside a gate to make an arch of apple trees.

The rainy season is over and cucumbers and tomatoes are growing in the sunlight.
We harvested some of them yesterday for the first time.

Tomatoes are trained to the posts around the standard rose 'Mary Rose'.  We can look both rose flowers and tomato flowers.  

Looking into the standard rose, I found the most dreadful pest of roses again.  The beetle was eating bark of the rose.  I caught it immediately.

The beetle in a rose tree.  (Center of the photo)

A close-up photo
On 21 July, the Japanese Meteorological Agency declared the end of the rainy season in the northern Kyusyu area.  Very hot and humid days continue until September.

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  1. You must have had a wonderful meal yesterday with those cucumbers and tomatoes! I hope you found some lovely roses for the table too.


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