honey suckle

honey suckle



Every weekday morning we take a walk in the neighbourhood, walking up to the hilltop.  Pictures below are my favorite views we can see while walking.

The south view from the path to the hilltop.  A small peninsula and oyster farm rafts in the bay can be seen.  Many temporary oyster restaurants open at the fishing port in the wintertime, and so many people visit every year.   

The east landscape from the hilltop.  Mt. Itoshima Fuji and a inlet.  This mountain is only 365m high, but because of its beautiful shape, it is one of the small Mt. Fujis found throughout Japan.  

The high temperatures of the days of this week is over 33 degrees Celsius, and the lowest are over 25.  Boiling hot days continues to the beginning of September, I'm afraid.

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  1. What beautiful views, very restful. It must be such a pleasure to look out over that panorama.


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