honey suckle

honey suckle



This is a very small pool in our garden.  In this, we planted water lily, sweet flag, and canna.   And a lotus is planted in a pot.

June 2014
A light blue sweet flag flower is blooming now.
At the end of June a gorgeous lotus flower bloomed. (June 2014)

This small pool is made of a bathtub of my mother.  She suffered from brain tumor when she was 50s, and since then she had been bedridden for 30 years.  She had used this bathtub in her bedroom.  It has four casters for moving in and out her bedroom.  She died in 2006.  

In 2011, I hit upon a plan to make a pool by using the bathtub.  My son helped me to make it during a Christmas vacation.  A water lily withered, but other water flowers bloom every year.  

Dec 2011

The bathtub was covered with wood panels.  

My son lent me a hand to make it.  


  1. Brilliant! What an attractive use for such an unpromising item!

  2. What very good idea. I love to have water in a garden.


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