honey suckle

honey suckle



We have planted Potentilla fruiticosa 'pink beauty' and Rosa 'Leonardo da Vinci' in front of the gazebo.

We saw Potentilla fruiticosa flowers in BARAKURA English Garden last month, and found a young plant of it at the garden shop of the garden.  We bought it and brought it carefully back to home as carry-on luggage.

We have been thinking where it should be planted for two weeks, and have finally decided.

We also planted Rosa 'Leonardo da Vinci' with the Potentilla. This was a herbaceous cutting of a rose planted beside the steps of roses, and was planted in a container two year ago.  As it has grown enough to plant in the garden, we have been looking for place for planting it.

Place pots where they are going to be planted

Dig a hole of 40cm in depth and in diameter

We used a plastic edge for beds for the first time.

Planting has finished

Potentilla fruiticosa 'pink beauty' is a bushy deciduous shrub of upright growth, with small, pinnate leaves and deep pink flowers in summer and early autumn.  Some buds can be seen now, and we are looking forward to seeing the small pink flowers soon.

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  1. Leonardo is such a beautiful rose. I do like pink roses almost more than any other colour.


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