honey suckle

honey suckle



We harvested almost 4 kg of  plum 'Santa Rosa'.  Because its skin is very sour, it is better to peel the skin when you eat.  Whether its skin is removed or not at making jam is depends on preference of each.

We harvested a basket full of plums.  Agapanthus flowers are still beautiful.  

Today we have made plum jam.  Half of plum skin was removed to make it moderately sour.
After peeling its skin and removing seeds, its weight had become about 3 kg.
We haven't a large pot and therefore needed two separate processes.

Just ready for boiling with sugar

The freshly made jam tastes so sweet and sour with nice plum scent.  We bottled the jam in small jars.  We can enjoy it for a while, and some of them will be presented to our friends and neighbours.

New Labels have been printed and attached on jars.  


  1. That jam looks gorgeous. It isn't plum jam season here yet but it will be wonderful when it does come.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are now in rainy season, and there was a more than 100 mm rain fall last night again.


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