honey suckle

honey suckle



Lady's lace flowers are still beautiful in the kitchen garden.
When I looked at the flowers, I found red and black striped beetles.
Judging from the shape of them,  I thought that they were a kind of shield bugs.

I don't like shield bugs because of its nasty smell, however, these didn't stink.  I searched online and found out that these are Graphosoma rubrolineatum.  Graphosoma likes Apiaceae plants, just like Lady's lace.

Flowers of Lady's lace in the kitchen garden.  

Very impressive black and red stripes.  

They are mating on the flower or at the neck of flowerhead.  


Red and black stripes reminds me of Darth Maul of Star Wars Films.  But this association may be pitiful for the bugs.

Rather, the bugs look like a cute baby below :-)

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