honey suckle

honey suckle



There were white hairy larvae on the underside of the tree (Benthamidia japonica).

Pure white color of its hairy appendices

A Benthamidia japonica tree with four-petaled white flowers in June.

It is quite difficult to determine which side is a head or tail.  It is a larva of a black butterfly-like moth.  It is unimaginable that this white larva become a black 'butterfly'.  

The moth 'Epicopeia hainesii' looks like a butterfly


Tour of France 2014 finished this morning, and Italy's Vincenzo Nibali won.  
I broke my own record of 180 kCal during 30 minute-aerobike training machine several days ago when I was watching the race.  

Thibaut PINOT, maillot blanc - Vincezo NIBALI, Maillot jaune - Peter SAGAN, maillot vert - Rafal MAJKA, maillot à pois (from left to right,  © ASO/B.Bade)

181 kCal for 30 minuites: my new record

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