honey suckle

honey suckle



Today's wild flowers are much more elegant compared with the flowers shown last time.

The first one is Erigeron annuus (ヒメジョオン).  This is an annual or biennial plant of North America that is up to 1 meter tall, and widely naturalized in Japan.

Many flowers in the meadow. 

Simple cute flowers

The next is Trichosanthes cucumeroides; a perennial vine plant.  Japanese common name is karasu-uri (meaning: crow melon カラスウリ).  Flowers are white, flowering in August to September. Fruits are red 5-7cm long.

Tall ceder trees are twined round by vines of Trichosanthes cucumeroides up to the top.  

A white flower with fine lace

Its fruits become yellow and finally red in autumn.  (from http://flowers3.la.coocan.jp)

The last one is Spiranthes sinensis var. amoena, which is commonly known as the Chinese Spiranthes.  It is said that it is a species of orchid occurring in much of eastern Asia, west to the Himalayas, south and east to New Zealand, and north to Siberia.
The flowers are arranged in a helix around the spike 20cm high, and flower sequentially.  This is why it is called "neji-bana" (meaning screw flower ネジバナ) in Japan.

Flower spikes grow from rosettes in lawn.  

Beautiful pink orchid flowers are arranged in a helix.  

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