honey suckle

honey suckle



Yesterday I harvested 1 kg prunes.
     Marple was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and she made prune and red wine compote.

     We have two prune trees in our garden.  We planted one besides plum trees at the beginning of the garden.  Another one has grown spontaneously, and when I found the tree about eight years ago, I didn't know what it was.  The tree we planted bore the first few fruit last year.

     This April, both trees flowered at the same time, and the flowers were so similar, and therefore, I thought they were the same trees and I pollinated them.  This unknown tree bore many prunes for the first time after several weeks, and it proved to be a prune tree.
It is mystery where this prune come from.  Nobody planted it. Someone might have thrown a seed after eating it raw.

     Prune is a tall deciduous tree of the rose family, a species of plum. Among these species, especially those which have fruits that are purplish-colored and edible as dry fruit in particular, are called 'Prune'.
Prune tree exceeds a height of 5meters, has a beautiful spread of branches and white flowers resembling those of the plum trees. Prune is said not to self-pollinate, and bears fruit with bees acting as intermediaries. I pollinated them and that may be why they came into bearing for the first time this year.

A spontaneously grown prune tree.  

Marple made prune compote with red wine.

I tasted it immediately with vanilla ice cream.  That's fantastic!


  1. I've no fruit trees in my garden but yesterday I was given an enormous bag of Victoria plums. I've made them into jam and chutney and it's like bottling the summer! That compote looks truly delicious.

  2. Marpleさん、お体大丈夫ですか。


  3. How delicious that looks. We have a slightly similar tree known as a Damson plum. They are wonderful to taste.

  4. Species and varieties of popular fruit trees are different in each country. I think climate is the most important factor to determine it. I saw pictures of Victoria prum and Damson plum on internet, and they look very beautiful and delicious.

    Marple is getting better now.


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