honey suckle

honey suckle



Some mini tomatoes and cucumbers are ripening in the kitchen garden, despite the relative lack of sunshine during this summer.

Mini fruit tomato 'Aiko' 
Mini fruit tomato 'Yellow Aiko'

We are using traps for these vegetables instead of insecticides.
The first trap is a sticky trap.  Because yellow color attracts many kinds of insects, the trap is full of insects stuck on it in a few days.

A yellow sticky trap over cucumbers
The second trap is a yellow bucket filled with water and a little of oil and vinegar.  Yellow color and vinegar smell of the bucket attracts insects and they drown in the water with surface oil.  The nursery in our town recommends and sells this yellow bucket.

A yellow bucket trap between tomato and basil
The last one is a measure coping with crows.  A simple inflatable crow is hung, and crows fear it (they think it a dead crow), and keep away from it.  It's workink, I think.  
 An inflatable crow repellent in tomatoes


  1. That's a new one on me - an inflatable crow! mind you, I remember real dead crows being hung on fences when I was a child in the countryside.- although they weren't hung in gardens.

    1. Every DIY shop sells inflatable crows in Japan. Real dead crows...It's awful..


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