honey suckle

honey suckle



Gazebo windows have been unfinished.  It became cooler these days, and it's a nice day today, Poirot  the carpenter restarted making Gothic arch windows of the gazebo.

I had planned to complete the right-side windows this weekend.

Tenons were made both ends of window posts.  

 Mortises were made on crossbeams.

A tenon and a mortise for joining were finished.

Next, long mortises were formed for fixing a window board.

The window posts and crossbeams were temporarily fixed and checked whether it's OK.

In the afternoon, I had cut Gothic window boards by using a electric jig saw.

The parts were painted blue-gray colour.

It was fine today and the high temperature was 27.5 degrees Celsius.  It was hot enough to bring out a slight sweat and  I rigged an awning over the gazebo to shade the place from the sun.

Tomorrow, the weather forecast says fine, Poirot will finish the Gothic windows of the right side of the gazebo.

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