honey suckle

honey suckle



Today we divided agapanthus.  This is the second time since we planted it seven years ago.
It flowers so well in June every year.  We can expect much more flowers by separating.

Separate and dig up agapanthus

Plant it 30 cm apart each other

When I weeded white lily and campanula bed, I found something that looks like somebody...

Yes, it's E.T.!  But what the hell is that??
It turned out to be seeds of red lycoris.


In the kitchen garden, sweet peppers are changing their color from green to red or yellow.

Leaves of cherry are falling everyday, and Marple often sweeps them up.


When we had almost finished today's gardening, we heard a loud noise of a helicopter, and noticed that it's a helicopter emergency medical service (ドクターヘリ).  The helicopter landed on a parking field of a fishing port (rendezvous point), where an ambulance was waiting for the helicopter, which took a patient to a emergency hospital.  I wish the patient was saved.

The helicopter is flying away toward Fukuoka city. 

A beautiful sky in the evening. 

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