honey suckle

honey suckle



We have harvested two good apples this autumn for the first time.  This is a popular variety of apple in Japan; Fuji.  It was bred in 1930's and registered in 1962. More than half of apples produced in Japan are Fuji.

I planted Fuji apple trees grafted on dwarf rootstocks in February 2012.  In the third year in our garden, one apple tree bore two fine apples at last!  To protect them from crows and badgers, I had wrapped them with metal mesh.

Last weekend, I harvested the apples without problem.

We enjoyed its good flavor and so sweet taste.  More harvest may be expected next year, I suppose:-)

Persimmon is a popular fruits of autumn in Japan.  It is very bitter before it really ripens.  I usually eat persimmons raw, and I dry some for preservation.
Persimmons in our garden are changing their color to orange, and we can harvest them in a week or two.

I covered the tree with green net to keep crows away.

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