honey suckle

honey suckle



In the latest issue of Gardeners' World, I read about trimming hedges.  It says 'Cut your evergreens immediately, ... As growth has virtually stopped, a cut now means they'll stay neat for months - so no need to cut in spring and disturb nesting birds...'
So I have trimmed box hedge in the kitchen garden.

The October issue of Gardeners' World.  
 At first, sides of the hedges was cut with a hedge shears.

Before trimming

After trimming both sides of the hedges, I used a taut horizontal string tied between two metal posts to act as a guide to cut the top of the hedge level.

Before cutting the top, a string was set horizontally.  

After cutting the top

The box hedge looks neat after trimming.

After trimming, I harvested some mini tomatoes.

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