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After a visit to the Greenway House, we walk to the boathouse.
Nestled on the banks of the River Dart, the boathouse enjoys amazing views, as well as it's own claim to fame as scene of the crime in Dead Man's Folly.

It took about ten minutes from the House to the boathouse.

The boathouse has a slate roof, however, it was originally thatched.  

Ariadne Oliver and Hercule Poirot at the boathouse

In the boathouse, there was a Agatha Christie's favorite chair.  Marple sat down and I took a picture of her smile.  

Just a couple of minutes walk took us to the Battery.  

The battery dates from the 18th century and may have been built as a Napoleonic defence in the 1790s.  
Agatha Christie and her husband Max Mallowan in 1946

Zoe Wanamaker and David Suchet in 2013

In the shop, I bought two books.

Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly was written by Agatha Christie in 1954 (60years ago!) to help raise money for her local church at Churston Ferrers.  It was never published in its original form.  Instead, it became the basis for Dead Man's Folly.  Marking 60 years since it was written, this previously unpublished version of the story was published recently.  It is quite old but new.

Agatha Christie's POIROT; The essential novels in one sitting was also published this year.  The size is 84×69×27mm, The contents of the book includes 'The Life of Hercule Poirot', summaries of nine representative novels such as The Misterious Affairs at Styles, and a brief biography of Agatha Christie.  I really love this tiny book!

I and my wife really enjoyed the visit to Greenway.

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