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This is the last and the most exciting visit in our trip to Britain in this time; a visit to Whitehaven Mansions, Hercule Poirot's home as seen on the television series "Poirot."

It is found on Charterhouse Square in London. Many buildings surround the square, but the residential building known as Florin Court (known as Poirot's "Whitehaven Mansions") is located on the eastern side of a park there. Finished in 1936, the building is an Art Deco residential building and houses a swimming pool in the basement and a roof garden.  Florin Court (and Charterhouse Square) is just north of the Museum of London (at London Wall), near Barbican Underground Station.

We left St Ives in the morning, and arrived at the Paddington Station at 15:30, and went to Poirot's home.  It took much time to go to there because of a traffic jam.  So, it was getting dark when we arrived there.

St Ives Station
Paddington Station

Now we arrived at Whitehaven Mansions.  It looked exactly same as in TV dramas of Hercule Poirot.  Which level did he lived on?  I felt as if Mr Poirot were coming out the next instant! 

A beautifully curved shape of the building

The building is composed of nine floors and has a total of 120 flats. In the basement are a swimming pool, a spa, a sauna, a gym, a small library, a wi-fi area, a laundry room and a garage.  It must be very expensive to live here.

Poirot at the entrance of Whitehaven Mansions

The travel to Britain was very interesting, and really enjoyed.  I want to express my gratitude to a Blue Badge tourist guide Mrs Tivers, and the staffs of the travel agency.

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