honey suckle

honey suckle


FLOWER BEDS IN 2012-13 (その後の花壇)

The year of 2012 was the first year for new flower beds to grow plants.
In the central bed, we planted a standard rose (Mary rose) , a standard Campsis grandiflora (ノウゼンカズラ), violas, fox gloves (ジギタリス) and bulbs of tulip and Muscari.  Herbaceous and tree peonies were planted with cyclamen in the peony bed.

February 2012
In March, muscaris and tulips became in bloom and they made an atmosphere of the garden  brilliant and cheerful.
March 2012

April 2012
In May, the garden was filled with fresh green leaves and flowers of roses and foxgloves.
May 2012

May 2012

In the second year of  the flower beds (2013), there came new members of plant such as iris (アイリス), euphorbia (ユーフォルビア), Crossostephium chinense (モクビャクコウ), Teucrium fluticans (ツリージャーマンダー), Tibouchina urvilleana (ノボタン), Lantana montevidensis (コバノランタナ), Erigeron Karvinskianu (ゲンペイギク) etc.

Feb 2013

March 2013

Pink tree peony and yellow/black tulip (April)

Pink herbaceous peony in May 2013

Herbaceous peonies flowered with roses and foxgloves so splendidly that we were really impressed with its beauty.

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  1. I love the shape and style of your raised beds. Always good to build them in a lovely brick to make them strong and last a long time.
    Interesting to see how the garden's come along over the time since they were built.

    1. Time changes plants and the garden where they grow. I am always looking forward to the future when the garden would have become much more fabulous.


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