honey suckle

honey suckle



Glory bush (Tibouchina urvilleana) in our garden has begun to flower in last November, and it still in bloom.  In winter, individual flowers last long compared with those in autumn.

We planted Glory bush in a central flower bed, and prune it in late winter to control its size.  We don't want to make it large, we prune it very short, almost at its base.

It bears pinkish red buds that open into three-inch-wide, saucer-shaped, royal purple-red flowers accented with long, curved stamens.

(私たちの庭のシコンノボタンは11月に咲き始めて、今でも盛んに咲いています。冬はそれぞれの花が秋より長くもちます。中央花壇に植えていて、大きさを調整するために冬の終わりには剪定します。大きく成長させたくないので短く、ほとんど地際で切ったりします。 赤いつぼみから7-8センチほどの浅く窪んだ赤紫の花を咲かせ、長い曲がったシベがアクセントです。)

Glory bush and herb beds
Glory bush and white roses
Glory bush and blue posts and metal storage

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