honey suckle

honey suckle



Marple had recently manured roses beside sleeper steps, while I worked as a carpenter and bricklayer in our garden.

 The members of roses include
    'Angela' (trained over the lower arch)
     'Gertrude Jekyll'
      'Leonard da Vinci'
       'Mary Rose'
        'Scarborough Fair'
          'Francine Austin'
           'Susan Williams-Ellis'
            'Pierre de Ronsard' (trained over the upper arch)

Most of them had shed their leaves, while some had not even now.↓


At first, she weeded the beds.↓


A wild violet was kept as it is beside Rosa 'Angela'. 
Then she added compost and mature horse manure, both of which were bought at a local nursery. ↓


Finally, she mulched the beds with immature horse manure, which we'd got at a riding club.  ↓


We are dreaming a beautiful early summer with full-bloomed roses.


In the middle of May 2014
Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' and roses beside a sleeper steps in May 2014

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