honey suckle

honey suckle



There are three arches and one arbour for roses in our main garden.  I had made an arch and an arbour with reinforcing iron rods. Last weekend, I pruned and trained roses of them.  The weather was not suitable for gardening because it cold and cloudy with some showers.


Rosa 'Pierre De Ronsard' was trained on the upper arch.

Rosa 'Angela' was trained on the lower arch.

Rosa 'Snow Goose' trained on the arbour in front of the Lutyens bench.

Rosa 'Francois Juranville' on the arch beside the brick wall.
After pruning and training, roses are now ready to welcome spring.

The two arches at the both end of steps.

The self-made rose arbour at the front of the bench.

The rose arbour and the rose arch. Yellow flower buds of mimosa are growing.

The pictures below were shot in the middle of May when we opened our garden for charity.  You can look at the arches with rose flowers.  We are opening this year, too.  I will write the schedule of open garden on this blog in the next few weeks.


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