honey suckle

honey suckle



Tree peony planted in the peony bed had been blooming beautiful pink flowers every year.  Four pictures below was shot in April 2013.


It flowered last year, however, it looked feeble.  Many new shoots withered while it was flowering.


This picture (below) was taken in July 2014.  The number of branches and leaves was far less than usual.


At the end of August, we dug it out and checked the roots and soil.  It became clear that there was no pests in the soil, and that roots of its herbaceous peony stock was rotten.  Fortunately, fine roots of tree peony were alive, therefore, we decided to plant it in the pot and to nurse.


We were worried about it, but it is growing and looks good at present.  Of course, it didn't flower this year.  Hang in there, tree peony!


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