honey suckle

honey suckle


OSTEOSPERMUM, CALLA etc (オステオスペルマムやカラーの花)

I took photos of flowers in our garden last weekend.


First one is osteospermum among oxalis leaves.  I love its light purple colour.


Viola is beautifully flowering even now in the pots, the peony bed, and under the metal rose arbour.

Planted in an olive pot

Planted in a acacia pot

Planted in the peony bed

Under the rose arbour

The third is white calla in the border beside agapanthus.


28 April

And the last one is Japanese thistle (Cirsium japonicum) .   It's beautiful but its leaves have sharp prickles; it is similar to rose in that kind of meaning.


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  1. I love violas, those pretty faces smiling out can brighten anyone's day.


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