honey suckle

honey suckle


BLUEBERRY JAM & SHEPHERD'S PIE (ブルーベリージャムとシェパーズパイ)

Today is Marine Day.  It's a national holiday (the 3rd Monday of July) in Japan and I'm off.
In the morning we made blueberry jam for the first time this summer.  About four pounds of jam was made, and we filled the jam into jars and plastic containers.  Tomorrow I will bring the containers to the English conversation class for sharing the jam with my classmates and an English teacher.



For lunch we went to Cafe Little Britain, and I ordered my favorite; shepherd's pie.  My wife ordered Banoffi Pie and a trifle.  We enjoyed them together.


We presented seedlings of foxglove to the owner.  They will bloom beautifully next year.


にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ イングリッシュガーデンへ

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