honey suckle

honey suckle



Thursday evening, we went to see the musical 'Les Miserables'.  It is a very popular musical all over the world, and the longest-running musical in the West End, however, we saw it for the first time.


We went to 'Hakataza' theatre by train.  This is for the first time since we saw the musical 'Lady Bess' last August.


The theatre was built at the center of Fukuoka City in 1999 and has 1,454 seats.  This time we bought tickets of the left balcony seats which form a single line.  We really enjoy the musical.

A view from our seats

As a commemorative souvenir, I bought a book 'Les Miserables' published by Oxford University Press as one of the bookworms series.  It's a very short retold story and easy to read for me.



  1. Was it sung in English or was it translated?

    1. They sang songs in Japanese, so we can comfortably enjoy:-)


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