honey suckle

honey suckle



The typhoon (#11) had gone across the western part of Japan to the Sea of Japan Thursday night.  It was a big strong typhoon with the barometric pressure of 960 hpa at the time of its strike to Shikoku Island.  The typhoon passed about 300 km away from our area.


On Friday morning, something was wrong with the arch of Rosa 'François Juranville' at the south end of our garden when I saw it from the house window.  We went to check it, and we found that the arch was collapsed.  Strong wind and rain was supposed to have made it broken. 


The arch was made of reinforcing iron rods and was supported by the thick branch of the tree on the east side (the left side on the photo below).  The branch was found snapped off.


So, I fixed the arch this afternoon.  Six two-meter-long reinforcing iron rods were stuck in the ground for the base of the arch, and they were fixed by using aluminum wire.  The size of the arch became smaller, and it may be convenient to prune the rose in winter.


This photo was shot two weeks before the typhoon attack.  The arch was intact.


The wild lily (Lilium lancifolium) had started to bloom beside the arch a couple of days before the attack.


Friday morning, the arch was collapsed.


The collapsed arch seen from behind.


This afternoon, I fixed the arch.  The collapsed arch blocked the path to the new garden.


The arch with rose branches was temporally supported by a stepladder.


I made a base of the arch using six steel rods, and coupled the arch on the base.  The size of the arch became smaller than it was before, however, I can easily go through the arch to the new garden.


にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ イングリッシュガーデンへ


  1. We rarely have typhoons in England. That must have been a very strong wind to collapse the arch.

    1. This year, we have more typhoons in the north-west Pacific Ocean, and already two of them had come or passed close to Japan.

  2. We are always at the mercy of Nature when we garden and the strong winds can be the gardeners enemy or we can see them as force to make us re shape or re design something that was beautiful and can be again but in a slightly different way.

    It was sad that the arch broke but it would seem that you have worked on the problem and made all well again, even though it's now smaller. I am sure it will continue to bloom for many years to come.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment.
      I agree completely with your opinion. Gardens cannot be eternal, and therefore we can, if anything, enjoy it.


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