honey suckle

honey suckle



We had no words when we saw the tragedy fallen upon the apple trees.


We preesented an apple tree to the next-door neighbour family two years ago.  They are a young couple and  two little children.  The tree born flowers in last April for the first time, and many apples have been growing these days.  I thought that a little boy would be pleased when he'd harvest apples by himself in autumn.


At the end of May

In the middle of June

In the middle of June

In the middle of June

When we took a walk in our neighbourhood as usual and came back to our kitchen garden on Tuesday morning, we found the apple tree was pulled out and torn in pieces.  We were so sad, and we realized that some wild boars had done it.  Espalier apple trees were also damaged.  Some branches were broken and a hole was made.


A 'hole' was made by breaking a espalier branch.  

We made a fence. in a hurry, by using welded wire fabrics in order to protect the espalier for the time being.  


It was a sad day last Tuesday, however, Marple and the young man next door replanted the tree with some roots wishing for its survival.  I do really wish the tree revives.


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  1. Dear Poirot
    It is heartbreaking when something like that happens. One of my roses was crashed into by a tree branch many years ago and the main stem was split. I tied the pieces back together and bound the stem with twine and it has repaired itself and has grown strongly. I hope that your apple tree also recovers and grows again.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Ellie
      Thank you for your encouraging comment.

      Sometimes something we can't foresee happens.
      We should change the focus in a positive way.

  2. That is so sad, Poirot. Those boar sound truly destructive.

    1. Thank your for your comment.
      Boars are really threat to us.


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