honey suckle

honey suckle



I introduced a popular English gardener the late Geoff Hamilton  in my blog last February.  After that, I found that a DVD collection of his BBC gardening programmes were released.  I have been looking for it in internet trading, and at last I have got it.


I watched some programmes right away, and I really felt that a moving picture is worth a thousand words.  I am continuing to translate his book 'The Ornamental Kitchen Garden' in Japanese.  This DVD set is very useful for it.


A programme title.


Geoff Hamilton in his kitchen garden.


Making a brick path


Making a knot garden


Training a lollipop apple tree


Sowing seeds


Planting bedding plants


Planting vegetable seedlings


Soft wood cuttings


Making and using compost bins


にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ イングリッシュガーデンへ


  1. Geoff Hamilton was a truly inspirational gardener. If ever you come to England again visit Barnsdale. The small gardens he created for each TV series have been maintained and are lovely to look at.

    1. It is wonderful that the gardens have been maintained. I wish to visit there in future.

  2. Dear Poirot
    As you know, I am a huge fan of Geoff Hamilton and it is due to his enthusiasm that I started gardening. Barnsdale is a lovely place to visit - I have put a few visits I made over the years on my blog. (My mum lives very near Barnsdale). I bought the 'Geoff Hamilton' rose as a tribute and often say a quiet 'thank you' to him for being so encouraging and giving me a hobby I truly love.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Ellie.
      I have just read your posts about Barnsdale Gardens and enjoyed your beautiful photos.


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