honey suckle

honey suckle



Other roses are in bloom in addition to the roses which I introduced in the last post.


Rosa 'Mary Rose' is one of my favorite roses.



Rosa 'Scarborough Fair' is a very excellent variety of English Roses because of its perfect continuity of flowering.  It is extraordinary that its every shoot has flower buds.



Rosa 'Sterling Silver' is a hybrid tea rose, which has a sweet fragrance.



Rosa 'Crown Princess Margareta' bears flowers of neatly-formed rosettes of a lovely apricot-orange.  We bought this to re-plant at the brick wall because the rose had been dead due to a pest.   It is still planted in a pot, now.



A French rose 'Cocktail' is planted in front of the shed in the potager.



White flowers of Rosa 'Iceberg' are in bloom at the rose arbour in front of the bench.



Rosa 'Dainty Bess' is a hybrid tea rose hybridized in 1925.  Its flower is single and has a very beautiful pink colour.



This is a Japanese rose 'Brilliant'.



Rosa 'Tiffany' is a hybrid tea rose, which is one of the roses planted at the beginning of our garden.  It has a really nice fragrance.



This dark red rose is Rosa 'Mister Lincoln'.  This also has a excellent fragrance.



Yesterday and today, it has been rainy and a bit cool for the first time in two weeks.


 'Scarborough Fair' and 'Mary Rose'

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  1. What gorgeous Roses, that first one just zings :)


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