honey suckle

honey suckle



I came back from 3 days trip to Gifu City.  
I went there to attend the annual meeting of the society I belong to.  

Gifu City is famous for the Mt. Kinkazan (Inabayama, 329m) and the Gifu Castle on the top of it.  
Unfortunately, the present castle tower is not original. 
It was rebuilt in 1956.  

A ropeway runs to the top of the mountain, so I went to the castle by it.  
It took only a few minutes.  

From the top station, I walked to the castle tower.  
It took about 10 minutes.  

From the top floor of the tower, I could see a 360 degree view.  
It was wonderful, and I felt as if I were the lord of the castle:-)

At the foot of the mountain, there is Gifu Park.  
It has a Japanese-style garden, and the autumn colour was so beautiful.  

Then I visited the Colossal Buddha of Gifu.  
It locates five minutes walk from Gifu Park.  
It is said in these parts that this is one of the three greatest statues of Buddha in Japan.
(Constructed in 1832 AD)
Two other ones are in Nara and Kamakura.  

Its height is 13.7 meters and the length of ears is 2.1 meters.  

In the evening the castle tower is illuminated,
 and we can see from everywhere around the mountain.  

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