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Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime was born in Torquay in the English Riviera.  Through the prolific success of her many novels, she has brought much fame and interest in the area.

We visited Torquay and walked in the footsteps of this world-renowned author and Torquay’s most famous resident.

Called “The Agatha Christie Mile”, the walk takes visitors to some of the places that were associated with Agatha Christie.

The twelve locations listed below were particularly inspirational to her. As Christie herself said, whilst the characters she created were fictitious, the settings were always real so in tracing her footsteps, we can see if any of the locations remind us of any scenes in her novels.  Agatha Christie plaques can be found at every location.

Agatha Christie plaque inside Imperial Hotel

The Grand Hotel - Agatha Christie spent her honeymoon here. Perhaps allow time to have morning coffee or afternoon tea here at this grand seafront hotel.  We stayed two nights at this hotel.

Looking from the Torquay station

Torquay Railway Station – This is where Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple met for the first time in 1990, as part of Torquay’s Agatha Christie Centenary Celebrations. Agatha Christie never allowed the two characters to meet in her books.

Torre Abbey - The multi-million pound restoration was reopened by David Suchet in 2008 and in 2009 a brand new feature named Agatha Christie’s Potent Plants Garden was opened.

Agatha Christie Patent Plants: it says "As a celebration of her art and ingenuity, we have chosen these plants to represent the many ways Agatha Christie developed her much loved novels and stories. From poisons to plot development, as clues or as backgrounds to mysterious and chilling events, the plants on show here have earned their place as characters in their won right - sometimes good, sometimes bad - but always an integral part of the storyline.

How Potent?  We have rated the potency of each plant on the amount of poison needed to ensure deadly result.
One Skull = high dosage required
Five Skull = small dosage required

One skull to five skulls...Oh, be careful!!

Princess Pier - Agatha Christie enjoyed roller skating here.

A little boy was playing kick scooter.  It would be a good memory for him...

Princess Gardens – Agatha Christie was a frequent visitor here and featured the Gardens in one of her Poirot stories. (no photo)

The Pavillion – The Pavillion began life as a grand concert hall. In 1913, Agatha Christie attended a Wagner recital here with Archie Christie. After the recital they returned to her Ashfield home and Archie proposed to her. They had only met a few months earlier.   (no photo)

Agatha Christie Bust – Unveiled by her daughter on September 15th, 1990 to mark Christie’s 100th birthday.

Torquay Museum – Devon’s oldest museum is home to the Agatha Christie Exhibition.  We could look at Miss Marple's coat, and a Poirot's cane.

Royal Torbay Yacht Club - Agatha’s father was a prominent member of the club and visited daily. In her autobiography she reflects fondly on the club.

Beacon Cove - This was known as “Ladies Bathing Cove” during Agatha’s time. Although she was a good swimmer, she nearly drowned here when she was in her teens.

A sign shows the way to Beacon Cove

Imperial Hotel - Agatha attended many social functions here. The terrace was the setting for the final chapter of ‘Sleeping Murder’.  Allow time to have morning coffee or afternoon tea in the Palm Court Room with its panoramic views of the Bay.

Next day, we went to Cornwall...

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