honey suckle

honey suckle



We visited the British Fair held at 'Hakata Hankyu' Department Store in Fukuoka.
The fair was started 46 years ago at the head store of Hankyu in Osaka.  Hakata Hankyu opened in 2011, and the Fair had been held at both stores of Hankyu since then.

We enjoyed looking round clothes, tableware、pictures, jewelry, stuffed toys, whisky, scorns, tea, pies, etc.

Old botanical arts; so nice but expensive to buy

She is a famous bobbinlace artist and she shows how to make it.  

I found Cornish sea salt.  We are going there in three weeks, and I'm sure we can buy it much cheaper in Cornwall than in Fukuoka.

A cheerful young English showed me a nice smile when I took a picture of cooking fish and chips at the Fair.

We bought some clothes, and this Walkers Shortbread in a royal family commemorative tin :-)

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