honey suckle

honey suckle


PRUNING PEONY (シャクヤクの剪定)

It was still hot in a sunny place last weekend.  My wife pruned withering peony leaves, and new leaves of Lycoris radiata became visible.  I planted half a dozen of bulbs of Allium cristophii in this raised bed.

I also planted two dozens of  Allium unifolium bulbs in the east-side border.  This pink allium can be seen on a photo used as a wallpaper of this blog.

Leaves of peony started to wither.  

Metal mesh supports for peony has became visible.  

Under peony leaves, there are new leaves of lycoris, that grows after flower.  

Bulbs of Allium cristophii

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  1. Did you mean that you are visiting England soon...Cornwall even? I wonder where, whether you will be nearby? You would be interested in the Eden project I think.


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