honey suckle

honey suckle



Trumpet vine (Campsis) is a popular plant in our area of Japan.
It continues to bloom throughout the all summer.
We have two kinds of Campsis; Campsis grandiflora and Campsis radicans in the garden.

Campsis grandiflora has been pruned and trained to a standard style in the central flower bed.  

Larger flowers with orange colour

Campsis radicans had reached the top of a oak tree (30 feet high) three years after we planted.  It is in flower from June to September every year.  

Flowers are much smaller and pure red.  

Trumpet vines are representative summer flowers in our garden.


  1. That looks glorious, the orange contrasted with the blue flowers around (on the third photo). It's not a plant that I am familiar with and it sounds as though it could be a bit of a thug if one is not as good about pruning as you obviously are.

    1. That's true. The trumpet vine is so vigorous, and it puts out huge numbers of tendrils that grab onto every available surface. We always prune it except at the top of oak tree.


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