honey suckle

honey suckle



Lycoris radiata is called Higan-bana (彼岸花、this means 'autumnal equinoctial flower') in Japan because it flowers at the autumnal equinoctial week.  However, it starts blooming now this year; quite earlier than usual.  It is native in Japan, and mostly planted beside rice fields, especially  'Tanada' ( this means 'rice fields arranged in a staircase pattern on a very steep slope on a mountain).  It is believed that moles dislike tubes of it and it is useful to prevent water leak from water-filled rice fields.  Yellowish green rice leaves and pure red lycoris flowers really contrast their complementary colors and look so beautiful.

Shot on 23 September 2005 at Yamato town in Saga. 

In our garden, lycoris flowers here and there to tell us the autumn is coming.

In front of the bench

Under plum trees

Lycoris flowers before leaves grow, and this looks as if this is a flower of a hosta in this photo.  

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  1. That is not a plant that I know. It so unusual and very pretty too.


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