honey suckle

honey suckle



We use many posts and stakes made of wood, plastic and steel.  I had been looking for cane toppers for them, because they may have a risk of hurting us with their sharp ends, however, I couldn't find nice looking and economical ones.
So, I decided to make them by myself.  I found a wooden sphere diameter of that is four, five and six centimeters on an online-shop.  They are parts of building blocks for kids.

Wooden spheres sold at a online shop

I bought 4 cm spheres, and made a 2.5 cm-long hole by using an electric drill.

Then, I painted them blue or brown.

Paint on the balls is drying on short bamboos.  They look like small alium flowers, don't they? :)

These simple sphere-shape cane toppers are mainly used to cover the top of reinforcing bars.  They look ornamental in the garden, especially blue ones.

Rods supporting metal mesh for peonies

The framework of the net covering blueberry trees

Brown spheres are discreet.  They are used when they are expected not to stand out.

In the main garden (supporting a new shoot of rose)

In the kitchen garden (standard rose with tomato)


  1. Dear Poirot
    What a clever idea and much prettier than the green plastic cane toppers you can buy. They look lovely in the garden, doing a very important job.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Ellie
      One cane topper costs just 150 yen (less than one pound) to make. In addition, DIY is enjoyable!


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