honey suckle

honey suckle



This private garden is located on the southern hillside of Mt. Yatsugatake.  I really had been looking forward to visiting the garden.
Mr. and Mrs. T & K have been creating this stunning English garden for years by themselves.  A ruin of stone wall, a garden pond, stone pavements, gate posts, steps etc. are his works.

Though roses had almost been over, many perennials such as catmint and clematis were so beautiful.

A front view looking up from the formal garden. 
A stone paved path with full bloomed catmint leads to the ruin of stone wall.
In the court with a pond and a chess board, we were discussing about gardening. 
A pool in the court, in which many red carps live. 
The back yard used as a kitchen garden is surrounded by wonderfully designed wooden wall
A formal garden designed with boxwood hedges
The garden was far more stunning than I expected, and Mr. and Mrs. T & K were really nice persons.  In spite of weather forecast of rain, it was a nice day without rain and a unforgettable day for us.  

Photographs of his garden can be seen on the site below.  

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