honey suckle

honey suckle



Yesterday, we went to the restaurant in the middle of fields.  It takes 20 minutes drive from our cottage.  The restaurant is very popular in this area because they use local fresh foods and homemade herbs and their dishes taste so good.
The restaurant  "Petitile Club" (http://www.herbgarden.co.jp)

I ordered Itoshima Lunch.  We can choose a main dish from four different ones; they usually include fish, beef, pork and chicken.  

Salad and soup
Sole meunière
After lunch we visited the herb garden next to the restaurant.  
The entrance of the herb garden

 Many kinds of herbs is flowering now.
Herb garden

Cherry sage

Lavender sage

Rose campion

There is a herb cafe and plant shop at the end of the garden, but unfortunately it was closed yesterday.  We often buy seedlings of herbs.  

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