honey suckle

honey suckle



Nice weather is continuing this week, and we went to Cafe Little Britain for lunch yesterday.  A English man and his Japanese wife opened the cafe several years ago in Keya, Itoshima (糸島市志摩芥屋), just several minutes drive from our house.

They are our friends and really nice persons.  When we first visited the cafe, he gave us seeds of European vegs (parsnip and swede).  We planted the seeds in our kitchen garden, and we harvested and tasted them for the first time.  That was a nice experience.

Yesterday, we brought jam jars of plum and blueberry we made.

The Union Jack is a sign of a street corner to the Cafe.

At the entrance of the Cafe, a rose arch welcomes us.

In the garden, it was breezing comfortably.

Marple was reading a magazine for a while in the garden.

In the Cafe, various English lovely goods are sold.

We ate shepherd's pie and scorns at the terrace covered with an awning.  We really relaxed.
(I forgot to take a photo because it was too comfortable!)

(This photo was taken last year)


  1. Do you get good frosts in your garden? Both parsnip and swede are much better after a frost.

    1. We seldom have frost here.
      We tried to grow them again this year, but parsnip seeds didn't sprout and swede couldn't grow. It is not easy to grow foreign vegetables.

  2. What a lovely place to sit and have a nice cup of tea and a cream scone.

    1. Yes, I am always really relaxed there.


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