honey suckle

honey suckle



In the middle of August, many roses are in bloom in our garden.


Rosa 'Pierre De Ronsard' wonderfully flowers in May, and we can see few flowers in summer or autumn.  This flower is rather small in size, however, its colour and shape is the same as in May.



Rosa 'Mortimer Sackler' is one of English Roses.   The rose is named after Dr. Mortimer David Sackler.  According to Wikipedia, I understood how this came about as below.

-Passionate gardener Theresa Sackler bought the right to name a new rose cultivar at a charity auction in 2002. The rose, bred by David Austin, was named for her husband, who she said was brought to mind by the official description of the rose, which stated that the blooms "give the impression of delicacy and softness but are, in fact, very tough and little affected by bad weather".-


- 2002年に開催されたチャリティーオークションで、情熱的な庭師テレサ・サックラーは、新しいバラの名前を付ける権利を買いました。デビッド・オースチンにより作出されたバラには彼女の夫の名前がつけられました。彼女はそのバラの公式な説明、「繊細さと柔らかさの印象を与えるが、実際には、非常に丈夫でほとんど悪天候の影響を受けない」、から夫を連想した言っています。)


This Rosa 'Leonardo Da Vinci' has been grown from a cutting and is planted now in front of the gazebo.



Rosa 'Apollo' is a hybrid tea climbing rose, and we planted beside the wooden fence.



This is Rosa 'The Pilgrim', a climbing rose bred by David Austin.



Rosa 'Pat Austin' was named after David Austin’s late wife, who was an accomplished sculptress.



Today's rose in my office is Rosa 'Angela'.


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  1. Roses - no English garden is complete without them and yours are truly gorgeous.

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