honey suckle

honey suckle


Still blooming・・・

Some kind of roses are still blooming, and we are enjoying them as cut flowers.
They include 'Francois Juranville', 'Iceberg', 'Leonardo da Vinci', 'Scarborough Fair', etc., but the most glorious rose for cut flower is 'Pierre De Ronsard' (shown below).

↑Rosa 'Pierre De Ronsard' with borage and rose geranium 

 ↑Rosa 'Leonardo da Vinci' (pink) and 'Scarborough Fair' (light pink)

↑Rosa 'Pierre De Ronsard' is one of the most popular rose in Japan


  1. What beautiful roses you have. Ours are just coming into full bloom

  2. Thank you for your comment. We have about 35 varieties of roses in the garden. Rose flowers make us happy, don't they?!

    1. Yes they do, we have some of the roses listed on your post, mostly David Austin old English roses, last year I counted 90 plants some of which are the same variety.
      You must have enjoyed Mottisford Abbey, their rose display in fantastic.


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