honey suckle

honey suckle



Too much rain fall in this summer we have in Japan.  Moderate rain is essential to plants, but it depends on its duration and volume....


Sometimes I use umbrellas to cover plants against rain.  Peonies and some kinds of roses are particularly susceptible to rain.  Rain bends flower peduncles and hurts flower petals.

We have a bangasa (a Japanese traditional coarse oilpaper umbrella) and plastic umbrellas for our garden.  Handles of umbrellas are tied to or inserted into the posts.

A bangasa for a tree peony (April 2013)

Looking down a peony through the window pane (May 2013)

Herbaceous peonies (May 2013)

Herbaceous peonies (May 2014)

Herbaceous peonies (May 2014)

Stacys byzantina (May 2013)

Plastic umbrellas for roses (June 2012)

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