honey suckle

honey suckle



Last spring, I made a nest box and put up it in the cherry tree. In February, some Japanese tits (Parus minor, シジュウカラ) came to look for the ideal home.  And In March, a female Japanese tit started to builds the nest all by herself using soft materials.

In April, a pair of tits flitted in and out of the nest box with caterpillars.  After a chick had been fed, the chick upended and excreted a faecal sac, which is its waste wrapped in a gelatinous coating, and the adult then removed this from the nest.

In May, they disappeared while we were absent for a while.  I couldn't watch the first flight of young tits.

Parents busily brought caterpillars for chicks. 

 A parent tit is carrying chick's excretion from the nest.  

Now in January, the cherry had shed its all leaves.  I opened the nest box, remove its contents and washed inside of the box.

Inside the box

Contents of the nest box (a chicks' bed)

Then, I put the nest box to the cherry again.
The blue rhomboid nest box had been made by my wife and it had been hung in the main garden.  I put it to the cherry, too, according to her request.

We want to watch the first flight of young tits this spring.

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