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This new year holidays, I have read the book 'Reading English Gardens' (英国庭園を読む) written by Professor Satoshi Ando of the Faculty of Comparative Culture, Otsuma Women's University in Tokyo (大妻女子大学 安藤聡教授).

The subtitle of the book is 'Literature and Cultural history concerning gardens' (庭をめぐる文学と文化史).  In this book, the author describes the history of English gardens from the medieval period to the 20th century.  He introduces paragraphs of old books describing about gardens.  That may be the reason why the title of the book is 'Reading' English Gardens.

About 70 gardens in Britain appears in this book.

This book was so useful for me to understand how gardens in Britain had changed, and why Britain has been a country of gardening.

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